In domestic market, more than 60% of disposable hygiene product manufacturers have chosen P+A vision inspection solutions. Furthermore, our visual inspection systems are widely applied in a number of manufacturing plants all over the world, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Philippines, India, Russia, USA, and many countries in Middle East and Africa.

P+A’s vision inspection system is based on Keyence's vision technology to provide manufacturers with flexible and diverse inspection options for their products including baby diapers, sanitary napkins, menstrual pads, incontinence bed pads, nonwovens and medical dressings. These automated vision systems are capable of implementing stable and high precision inspection, and automated on-line rejection, efficiently solving product surface defect detection needs and preventing faulty products from entering the market.

  • raining Pants/
                                    Incontinence Pants Inspection Pull-up Diaper Inspection
  •  Diaper Inspection Diaper Inspection
  • Sanitary Napkin Inspection Sanitary Napkin Inspection
  • Nonwoven Surface Inspection Nonwoven Surface Inspection
  • Wound Dressing Inspection Wound Dressing Inspection


Our team of seasoned vision technology professionals is committed to deliver excellent customer service around the world. In 2017, we established a branch in Malaysia to create convenience advantage for customers in Southeast Asia.

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