Nonwoven Surface Inspection
Surface Inspection System for Nonwovens
 Nonwoven Surface Inspection

Inspection Items

  • Objects: spunbond nonwoven, spunlace nonwoven, hot rolled nonwoven, chemical bonded nonwoven, thermal bonded nonwoven, gauze, etc.
  • Max. inspection speed: 800m/min
  • Web width: full-width coverage (a combination of multiple cameras is available)
  • Inspection accuracy: 0.3-0.5mm2 (customizable according to user’s specific need)
  • Detection of defects: oil stains, black spots, insects, embedded hair, contaminations, foreign objects, fiber agglomerates

Nonwovens Defect Detection

  •  Nonwovens Defect Detection Camera On-site Installation
  •  Nonwovens Defect Detection Examples of defects

Defect Disposal

 Defect Disposal Defect position marking
  1. When any defects are detected, the system automatically triggers alarm, visualizes and records the surface defects in real-time, assisting operators in defect classification;
  2. On-line marking of defect position;

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