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After-sales Service

P+A After-Sales Service Team

  • On-site technical support On-site technical support

Our experienced service team works intimately with every customer through installation & commissioning of vision inspection system, training and technical support, to deliver the highest levels of customer service no matter where our customers are located. We deeply know what drives growth and development of the company is the ongoing trust of our customers, and we strive to put into practice by satisfying the expectations of our customers.

P+A After-Sales Service Processes

  1. Confirming installation space and workstations at customer’s site in advance;
  2. Sending our professional engineers to customer’s plant for on-site installation;

  3. System commissioning and system running status tracking;

  4. System operation training;

  5. Through our 24-hour telephone support helpline and remote service platform, we are able to offer customers with immediate technical assistance to solve their needs;

  6. We are responsible to make all repairs that are result of quality issues within one year;

  7. Regularly visiting our customers to track the usage of inspection system;

  8. Providing customers with consulting support and sharing latest vision inspection applications with them;

P+A Vision Inspection System Training

  • On-site technical support On-site technical support
  • Overseas on-site technical training Overseas on-site technical training

Our seasoned technicians conduct on-site hand in hand training to guide customer to operate and maintain the vision inspection system correctly. Our training course typically includes usual operation and maintenance of the system, and mechanical fault diagnosis, enabling trained operators able to independently deal with system operating, commissioning, maintenance and management.

We also welcome global customers come to our plant for free technical guidance and training.

Products and Solutions
  • PA200 Vision Inspection Machine for Surgical Mask


    P+A’s face mask automated vision inspection machines is able to conduct high-speed on-line scanning and 100% inspection of every single mask. When any defects such as surface stains, nose wire absence or defective earloop are found, the vision system automatically triggers alarm and rejects the faulty products, thus achieving 7×24hrs automated stable monitoring while efficiently guaranteeing product quality and productivity.

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  • PA400 Vision Inspection Machine for Individually Wrapped Mask


    In domestic market, more than 60% of disposable hygiene product manufacturers have chosen P+A vision inspection solutions. Furthermore, our visual inspection systems are widely applied in a number of manufacturing plants all over the world, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Philippines, India, Russia, USA, and many countries in Middle East and Africa.

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